Neil Greer


Neil Greer, the principal owner, is an American with more than 25 years investment experience in the region. He moved to Prague in 1991 with the World Bank, and immediately understood the opportunities of countries in transition. More importantly, he understood that bringing an American approach to business was key for making buyers comfortable with the process. That includes not only the quality of the product, but also the process of buying. From the legal documents to the pricing, everything should be clear and transparent. Mr. Greer has been developing properties in partnership with US, European, and UK investors for the past twenty years. Projects have been developed in Berlin, Moscow and Shanghai, and now he is bringing that experience to Tbilisi.

Rusudan Gaprindashvili

General Director

She has many years of experience in tourism and sales management, which allowed her to see a huge perspective in construction and development. That is why, together with foreign friends, she decided to invest in real estate in Georgia.

Her goal was to create an American-grade, environmentally friendly product that now operates in the name of “American Homes.”

It is important for the director of American Homes to set new standards in the development business, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for residents.